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Our story is the piecing together of our humble beginnings, growing up among a rich farming and artisan community in the East with the consumption in the West. Having lived in many countries around the world, we have seen the fear and worry on a farmers face when the high winds come and crops don't yield enough. We've seen the helplessness of a girl who cannot stand up for her rights and we have seen Vogue Magazines lying in artisans houses, who can barely put roof over their heads. At age 7, you are old enough to recognize the wrongs in the society but unable to do much. 

Fast forward 20 years, sitting in an office in California an article about a garment factory collapse in Bangladesh flashes the entire past in front of you. That was the moment when we realized how deeply linked the lives of people are with our fashion choices here in the West. 

Feeling strongly about women's development and having a direct access to some of the finest, undiscovered hand embroiderers of the world, we founded a small co-op with a mission to give you direct access to luxury, hand embroidery without the designer mark-up, while ensuring maximum benefit was going to the makers. This was a small initiative with a big dream: to see fair trade fashion become the norm where artisans are highlighted, celebrated and appreciated.

We have seen the fruits of fair trade with Purple Impression and FUSE sneakers is a huge leap for us. We could not stop at just artisans when the farmers who grow our cotton, the women who pick them up, the waterways that absorb the residues from soil and the factories that produce our fashion are all part of your one shirt or shoe. The solution for us was obvious, so we spent last 2.5 years building a proprietary value chain partnering with responsible factories in fair trade network and linking artisans to bring you a shoe that we can guarantee has a clean and fair supply chain from the seed to the final stitch. 

We call this a world changing way of looking good, because what we wear matters!

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