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We believe in building communities and making a real impact through collective stewardship

Fuse was started with a simple idea that the products we buy and sell are connected to the livelihoods of others and that our conscious choices have the power to build a better world. That's why Fuse are made with strict fair trade standards, being mindful to take care of people and the earth in everything we do.

Fair trade canvas shoes

Fair Tradeā„¢ Certified Cotton

Production for us begins at the seed level which means taking care of the farmers who grow our cotton and the sustainability of the soil. All of the cotton used in the production of our shoes is organic and fair trade certified. This means a fair purchase price is given to the farmers for their crop in addition to better health and strict standards that preserve the biodiversity of the land where fair trade cotton is grown.

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Our Factory Partners

Fair trade movement creates long term economic opportunities for the workers and you become a part of it with a fair trade purchase. We are happy to have partnered with a responsible factory in Pakistan that was the first to sign "No child labor" policy, ensuring safe working conditions, fair wages and equal opportunity for its workers.

Additionally, we pay a 10% premium on the product cost directly into a workers fund which is spent on workers local needs like education and healthcare.

Supporting Women Artisans

We believe that through employment and fair trade you can lift artisan communities around the world. 80% of women in developing countries are involved in the artisan sector who invest their earnings back in their children. We work directly with all our women artisans and give them above market price for their craft, giving them the ability to triple their monthly income.

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Safe for Humans = Safe for planet