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diversity in fashion


What are we made of?

This is a question we all ask ourselves at one time or another, or the world challenges us to ask ourselves, and there is no, one simple answer to it. We are made of many things: our beliefs and our values, our family and friends, our past experiences, present desires, and future hopes. We are made of grit and grace, curiosity and creativity, and passion and compassion. Yet with all of these variables, we are made of countless common denominators that bring us together and make the world smaller and more connected.

At AKS, we ask ourselves the same question every day and pride ourselves on our answer. We are made of talented and strong Pakistani artisan women who have mastered hand embroidery passed on from generations to generations over thousands of years. We are made of eco-conscious and socially-minded founders who are sisters and pride themselves on fair trade and environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing. We are made of art and design, style and self-expression, and freedom and joy. We are made of a purpose to create an inclusive world through meaningful fashion and art.

Because what we’re made of matters.


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