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We believe that your purchase has the ability to bring change in artisan communities and our planet. AKS Sneakers are designed with a strong commitment to sustainability while having a positive impact at every level of its production.

Organic Cotton

No plastic or synthetic fibers here. Fuse are made from organic, fair trade cotton for all day comfort and breathability.

Natural Rubber

No thank you toxins, we'll stick to the natural, FSC certified rubber for our soles to relieve our planet from synthetic by products .

Arch Support

We know those arches need some cushion so we've added cotton insoles with arch support so can keep walking all day long.

Hand crafted

No more bland and boring! How about some color, fun and excitement. Fuse are creative connections on a mission to empower artisans through art!

No harmful chemicals, Ever!

No toxic or synthetic glues are used in the manufacturing of Fuse and we only use dyes that are safe for the color options.

We cherish quality, craftsmanship and originality.

Each of our shoes are produced in small, considered batches. Every sneaker is a labour of love in limited quantities which cannot be replicated and is made especially for you!


I like having things that are unique, that I can’t find at the mall or your local retail store. Why pay to be ordinary, when I could have something that stands on its own? I appreciate how the designs are produced individually and how each is different in its own way because it isn’t being mass produced by a machine, but rather by human hands.

Luis Ruano, San Francisco

....I wore the shoes all day, I have super high arches and its usually difficult to find shoes for high arches so, glad to say that these are the ones. I was very comfortable in them all day. They fit perfectly, great arch support. Awesome, unique shoe and I'm excited for them to hit the market

Chase, Sacramento